Beginners + Intermediate Art

with Sarah Riddick

Adults 18+yrs 
Wednesday Classes
10 week Course


In this course we will delve into drawing + painting the Still Life. We will observe and develop confidence using Oil paints on canvas.

The course will be taught by founder of Mini Picassos, Sarah Riddick. Sarah is a practising Artists that studied Fine Art Painting at UAL.

re-opening date tbc

12:45 - 14:15

10 week course £300 inc. VAT

*canvas to be supplied by attendee, all other materials provided.

A message from Sarah

Hello and welcome to Mini Picassos’ Adult classes


This term I will be taking the course. The course will be made up of lots of drawing and painting techniques, we will be working from direct observation.

I like to use fruit for start off projects, we can look at the simple form to explore tone, mark making, composition and measuring. We will experiment in colour using chalks, oil pastels, acrylics, watercolours and oils. If you do have your own art materials you can bring them along. Our first session will be pencil only. 


Week 1:  The still-life: apple, exploring tone, shade and measuring through the use of pencil.


Week 2:  The still-life: coffee pots, cross hatching, negative space and measuring, pencil and charcoal


Week 3:  The still-life: fruits,  colour introduction through collaged surface use of pencil, pens, oil pastel a little play with colour


Week 4:  The still-life, colour: acrylics & watercolours colour wheel, understanding colour mixing


Week 5:  The still-life, colour: experimenting with paint on paper and collaged surfaces with acrylics impasto vs watery


Week 6: The still-life, colour: acrylics on small canvas


Week 7: The still-life, colour: oil pastels large surface at easels


Week 8: The still-life, colour: oils experimenting with colour mixing


Week 9: The still-life, colour: oil on small canvas board


Week 10: The still-life, colour: complete small painting


I have used this schedule as a rough outline for the course but obviously we may work fast or slow depending on ability etc so see this as a rough basis.

This course is designed for you to have a little taste of drawing and painting using a variety of mediums.  Next term we will aim to work on an oil on canvas over a longer time frame, where you can develop your skills in understanding colour and composition, light and shade.

I am really looking forward to a great term.


See you Wednesday!


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