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programme of study

4 - 5 YRS

This Spring term, we are... 

5 - 6 YRS

This Spring term, we are... 

6 - 8 YRS

This Spring term, we are... 

9 - 11 YRS

This Spring term, we are... 


This Spring term, we are drawing and painting from the Still Life. Inspired by natural forms, exploring different media. Moving onto a larger painting, using acrylic paints. 

portfolio building/scholarship

This Spring we are focusing on observing and drawing man-made, everyday objects using pencil. We explore abstract forms, learning from the Cubist masters of the 20th century. Taking our drawings, we use a viewfinder to observe the different forms further. Using several photocopies, we will tesselate the drawing to produce an abstracted image.


Learning about the tessellation process, we will explore further on a large-scaled canvas these abstract forms within our initial observational drawings to produce an A2 or A3 acrylic painting.  

6-8 yrs
portfolio building
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