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Spring Term Week 5 Highlights

Time flies when you're having fun! We have come to the half-way point of Spring term, and as always all of our classes have been busy: exploring the scapes of Gainsborough, delving into the world of the absolutely fabulous Louise Bourgeois and finishing off their works from Modigliani and Rousseau.


In the name of love, toddlers create Haring

In the name of love, we are creating Keith Haring. With his beautiful bold hearts and a touch of glitter the toddlers have created their very own Valentine special!

Just a note..

Toddlers and all normal classes will not be running during half-term next week: 12th - 17th February 2018

During the half-term we are hosting fabulous workshops for 4 - 10 years!


Artwork of the Week!

We love to see when a finished piece comes together and Alek, aged 9 has truly excelled himself with his interpretation of Henri Rousseau's Tiger in a Tropical Storm... Just look at the detail. It was just so good it inspired us to create an artwork of the week, every week on our blog!


Gallery Visit : Quentin Blake: Arrows of Love

An exhibition of Quentin Blake’s rarely-seen nudes

We're being a little eager because the exhibition isn't quite open yet, But in time for Valentine's Day, the House of Illustration will be opening a brand new, never seen before exhibition of Quentin Blake's NUDES!


That's just about it for this week, we are running our half-term workshops all this week and we are super excited to see what incredible work will be created! Normal classes are on hold this week, all classes will resume and be back to normal next Monday 19th February.

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