Beginners Art class

Paint the Still Life
with Sophie Newnham

Adults 18+yrs | 10 week courses

TUESDAYS - The Still life with Sophie Newnham
26th April - 12th July 
12:45 - 14:45 
£300 VAT inc.

A message from Sophie

Hello and welcome to Mini Picassos’ Adult classes


Week 1: The still-life: apple, exploring tone, shade and measuring through the use of pencil.
Week 2: The still-life: coffee pots, cross hatching, negative space and measuring, pencil and charcoal.
Week 3: The still-life: fruits, colour introduction through collaged surface use of pencil, pens, oil pastel a
little play with colour.

Week 4: The still-life, colour: oils / we look at the colour wheel, understanding colour mixing.

Week 5: The still-life, colour: experimenting with paint on paper and collaged surfaces with oils.

Week 6: The still-life, colour: acrylics on small canvas.
Week 7: The still-life, colour: oil pastels large surface at easels.
Week 8: The still-life, colour: oils experimenting with colour mixing.
Week 9: The still-life, colour: oil on small canvas board.
Week 10: The still-life, colour: complete small painting.

I have used this schedule as a rough outline for the course but we may work fast or slow depending on ability etc. So please see this as a rough schedule. If you have any questions, get in touch!

This course is designed for you to have a little taste of drawing and painting using a variety of media-
ums. Next term we will aim to work on an oil on canvas over a longer time frame, where you can develop your skills in understanding colour and composition, light and shade.

I look forward to a wonderful term!