Toddler Classes

Terms & Conditions

1. Full Term / Drop in sessions must be paid for in advance to Mini Picassos Ltd.

2. Any refunds will only be issued with 14 days notice prior to the start of the class. Refunds will incur a 7% fee of the total paid plus £10 admin charge. Credit notes can be issued but only with 72 hours prior warning to cancel.

3. Any changes you wish to make - changing the day your child attends for example, can only be made with 48hours notice. These changes may incur an admin fee of £10. We understand it is not always possible to give this much notice, but please do call us on 07903638817 as soon as you know you are unable to attend.

4. Non-attendance without prior warning will result in no refund or credit note.

5. Any sessions cancelled due to the fault of Mini Picassos Ltd will be refunded.

6. Children should wear appropriate clothing, we can get messy so old clothes should be worn. We provide aprons but paint does tend to get everywhere!

7. Any allergies should be pointed out to a member of staff as we often provide juice, biscuits & snacks. You can notify us by filling in our Registration Form.

9. Children should behave kindly to one another and avoid boisterous behaviour.

10. A parent or carer must be present throughout the whole Toddler session / Term.

11. All work created by the child must be taken home on the day, as we have very little storage space.


Sarah Riddick

Director of Mini Picassos Ltd

April 2021