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Spring Term Week 6 Highlights

We hope that everyone who attended our half-term workshops had as much fun as we did! This week at Mini Picassos we are beginning new projects! Here are the highlights for the week...


Life Drawing Class every Monday

each with a different theme

Our Life Drawing classes happen every Monday 7:30-9:30 pm and all abilities are welcome, with guidance available if needed and wanted. We have decided to theme each of our upcoming classes, so do take a look at what's to come. Here are some fabulous pieces created this week to get you inspired!


Our Academics look at Louise Bourgeois' Maman

For the next few weeks our Academic classes will be looking at the long, spindly, spider Maman by Louise Bourgeois, focusing on the element of sculpture. We are very excited to see what our academics get up to.


Our Mini Picassos does Picasso!

We are super, duper excited that Love, Fame, Tragedy Exhibition will be at the Tate Modern from the 8th March 2018, but while we wait we thought our toddlers should have a go at recreating the wonderful piece called The Dream, 1932.

Next week we will be looking at Van Gogh's Mulberry Tree in Autumn, 1889.


Our Gallery Trips for the week...

The House of Illustration - Made in North Korea: Everyday Graphics from the DPRK

We are very intrigued to go and see the new exhibition that is opening at the House of Illustration this week. It is the UK’s first ever exhibition of graphic design from North Korea, revealing a style honed over decades in a closed society. Opening this Friday, 23rd February.

Thursday 22nd - Sunday 25th February 2018

Collect brings together 40 galleries from four continents. At a time when the world has woken up to the visionary creativity of contemporary craft, we are delighted to announce the return of Collect to London’s Saatchi Gallery for its 14th edition.

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