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Projects this Term!

Spring term is in full swing! Keep up to date with what our classes are up to through this blog, take a look in our gallery to see all the amazing creations from previous terms. Here are the projects, artists and art movements we will be exploring this term:


Toddlers will be making painting masterpieces every week!

Take a peek in our toddler gallery.


4 - 6 yrs

Will be creating paintings, drawings, collages and sculptures inspired by the great artists including Monet and Van Gogh!


5 - 7 yrs

Will be looking at Mexican art and making their own

Day of the Dead clay cats.


8 - 11 yrs

Will predominantly creating a sculpture inspired by the amazing Keith Haring, his work is currently on show at Tate Liverpool.


9 - 12 yrs Academic

Will be painting expressive landscapes, taking the footsteps of Vincent Van Gogh, soon to be on at Tate Modern.


13 - 15 yrs Academic

Will be completing their surreal dreamscapes and moving onto

exploring with sculpture.



Will be making a life sized clay portrait and painting to add extra realism!


Private Tuition

Private tuition is available for those looking for extra guidance, to create for a particular project or to benefit from one to one tuition. Give us a call on 07903638817 or send us an email

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