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AGES: 12 - 16 yrs

Summer Term: 15.04 - 11.07.24

*ex. 06.05 + 27.05 - 30.05.24

Autumn Term: 09.09 - 12.12.24

*ex. 21.10 + 24.10.24

Late enrolment welcome

Mondays 17:15 - 18:45 | 12 - 16 yrs 

Wednesdays 17:15 - 18:45 | 12 - 16 yrs 

Thursdays 17:15 - 18:45 | 12 - 16 yrs

*Paying in instalments and trial sessions available, please contact us for further information.

What to expect Our Fine Art 90 minute classes are is aimed at young artists ages between 12 - 16 years. Those who enjoy drawing from life, have the ability to concentrate for longer periods of time and have a real thirst for art. This is a structured class, exploring a range of artists throughout the course. We focus on traditional fine art materials and artistic techniques. We introduce mature discussion and focus on skills such as, drawing, painting and sculpture, building confidence and developing ability. Throughout the course, students explore a range of artists. This approach exposes them to diverse styles, influences, and art movements, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of fine art. ​Mini Picassos teachers encourage deeper exploration of artistic concepts, art history, and critical thinking. We welcome students to analyse and articulate their thoughts about art. ​These classes aim to build confidence and develop artistic abilities. This involves not only honing technical skills but also fostering a sense of creative expression and individual style.

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