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What happens at a Mini Picassos Party!?

We have a typical Party Schedule, which will show you the usual set up for a party, for any age. We offer Toddler parties, 4-5yrs + 5+yrs as well as parties for smaller groups (less than 12.)

What does the Party Package include?

Our Party package starts at £320 (+20% VAT) for 12 party guests (adults not included) then a further £12 per head, maximum of  *22 child guests at Toddler parties + *24 child guests at all other parties.


This includes:

  • Our studio space for 2 hours 

  • Our fabulous Art Leader and assistant - who will teach the art activity, help with any moving of furniture to prepare for eating, cake + Happy Birthday singing! They will also initiate party game(s), we offer our big Pass the Parcel surprise box + musical statues.

  • Sonos speaker + Spotify available + our party playlist. It can also connect to bluetooth if you would like to play your own playlists.

  • Personalised Invitation - See example here.

  • Bubble Machine

  • Access to outdoor Terrace / Patio area

  • All painting materials + main activity creation

  • Aprons - Paint will stain so we recommend coming in messy clothes to be safe.

When can I book?

We host parties at the weekends!


  • Saturdays 3 - 5pm

  • Sundays 11am - 1pm

  • Sundays 3pm - 5pm

***We cannot offer an earlier time on Saturdays due to our weekly term classes.

How do I book?

If you would like to enquire about availability please email, if you wish to book your Party with us, then please fill out our short online Booking Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. To secure your chosen date, we require £100 deposit to secure your chosen date, we will then require the full payment in advance, at least a week before your party. Prices start from £320 + 20% VAT this is for our 12 person party package. If you wish for more guests to attend this will be a further £12 per head, max. off 22 children guests at Toddler parties and a maximum of 24 children guests at all other ages. 

Please let us know by Thursday 10am prior to your Party date, the number of guest guests attending. Please note after Thursday 10am, guests cannot be added - (due to needing appropriate time to arrange for extra assistants.)

If a reason occurs that your party cannot take place on your chosen date, e.g. due to illness or covid restrictions we will be able to offer a rescheduled date, please email us as soon as possible if you would like to reschedule.

We are unable to offer refunds once payment has been made. If the party is unable to take place we can offer postponing and rescheduling.

What Activities take place at parties? Do I have to have a theme?

The activities vary depending on the age of the guests.


Toddler parties, the main project is painting ceramic moneyboxes, other activities are available... e.g painting wooden lizards / decorating treasure chests. You have the room set out with various activity tables + painting easels. The children can decorate their own party bag and crown, with sequins and pens. Dance to the music + stickers!

4 - 5yrs Choose from a variety of themes to suit your style. A variety of prepared activities for your party guests to enjoy! Customise crowns, decorate your own party bags, paint ceramic figurines and money boxes, and much much more to choose from.

5+yrs Choose one of our themes or create your own! Customise and paint your own reusable tote bag / sleepover bag! decorate your own party bags, much more to choose from. Your party guests can take their art pieces home!

Can Adults come to the party too?

Parents/ Carers/ Friends are absolutely welcome to stay for the whole duration of the party, alternatively it can be a drop off... it's up to you. We have a back room/ kitchen area that leads out into a patio, which is a nice area to congregate. You can BYOB to party events, along with any extra refreshments for adult guests.

Due to our studio size, we say a maximum of 24 children - we recommend limiting adult attendees if the party size is large, due to space particularly in the colder months.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring along your own decorations/ balloons, we have pin boards and you can use tac. Please don't use cellotape on the windows. 

We do not provide food in the party package. Please supply your own, along with cups, plates and cutlery. We do have a fridge and kettle on the premises, and also 1l jugs available to use.

Please come with prizes for the party games! We recommend offering several smaller gifts to winners, rather than 1 big one.