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 5 week course aimed at Art Aptitude tests for secondary school entry.



Saturday 31st August - Saturday 28th September

5 week course | 09:00 - 10:00

£220.00 20% VAT inc.

What to expect

Our Art Aptitude classes are aimed at ages 9 - 11 years, for those interested in applying for Secondary School Art Scholarships or for students that would just like to gain more confidence and learn new observational drawing techniques. The drawing course covers the use of pencil, through observational drawing, exploring line, tone & composition. 

These 60 minute classes are small and very popular. Some of our students have achieved their goal and won places in the school of their choice, including City of London Girls and Holland Park.

*Please note we cannot guarantee your child will secure a place at a secondary school. If you would like more information do contact us. Spaces are limited due to the size of classes so we do offer a waiting list. 

These courses are taught by Patricia Cenzartowicz, DEca and Sarah Riddick  BAHons, PGCE, Director of Mini Picassos. 

White watercolor paper texture_edited_ed


Each child will be given top tip art worksheets and a sketchbook

Week 1: Use of pencil: test your pencil using different mark making, exploring shading and weight of line.

Week 2: Drawing form and shape, use of tone. Draw from observation using pencil. Use a cylinder (tin wrapped in white paper)

Week 3: Observational drawing of the student’s own shoe, pencil only. Explore, use of shading, volume, tone and measuring.

Week 4: Observational drawing of hands, fingers, thumb, looking at detail of proportion and shading. 

Week 5: Observational drawing of the student’s own hand holding a bulldog clip or small object. Tips on shading and form.



Week 1: Pencil drawing of an orange or tomato, use of light and shade.

Week 2: Pencil drawing of a cubed object or rectangular object: box/phone. Pencil only, shading.

Week 3: Pencil drawing of your own thumb, take care to draw all the creases and the detail of the nail. This can be enlarged for more emphasis on detail. 

Week 4: Pencil drawing of your own hands . You might want to take a photo to practise. Shading and self expression are important. Practise drawing your hand with a small item screwed up inside your fist, make lots of drawings of hand in different positions.

Week 5: Timed drawing of a bulldog clip, pencil only 10mins. Emphasis on realism.


All Homework must be brought in each week for guidance.

Mini Picassos Team 2024

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