Mini Picassos Parties

Terms & Conditions

1. All parties must be paid for in advance to Mini Picassos Ltd.


2. Unfortunately, we don’t have a large refuse collection at Mini Picassos, so we do ask you to take your rubbish away with you at the end of the party. We provide bin liners for your use. Please DO NOT use our bins outside to dispose of your rubbish. 


3. Children should wear appropriate clothing, we can get messy so old clothes should be worn. We provide aprons but paint does tend to get everywhere!


4. Mini Picassos is not responsible for any damage/paint etc caused to clothing.


5. Children should behave kindly to one another and avoid boisterous behaviour.


6. You have 30mins after the end time of your party to gather your items and ask your guests to leave. Often we have parties back to back and need time to prepare.


7. Mini Picassos Ltd reserves the right to cancel a booking at anytime.



Sarah Riddick

Director of Mini Picassos Ltd


April 2021

Mini Picassos Ltd.

London Based | NW10 8RT

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