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Image by Olga Thelavart

Sketchbook Making + Paper Collage masterclass with Laura Pee

Thursday 23rd March 2023  |  19:30 - 21:30

Let experimentation and imagination guide this class!

We are excited to welcome Laura Pee back, for another special Collage workshop! Rummage through Laura's beautiful selection of papers - vintage, wood block, Japanese patterned, old magazines  handmade marble papers and more.

This workshop will be split into two parts: 

ONE: We will learn a simple paper folding technique to create our own sketchbookExperimenting with a mixture of media we will explore marking making techniques, using variety of paints, collage, inks, oil pastels and more to create beautiful backgrounds and backdrops for our Metamorphosis characters.


TWO: While our sketchbook pages are drying we will be in story and character making mode. Inspired by Laura Pee's work, the work of famous Surrealist artists and the mysterious process in nature called Metamorphosis.


Looking through the pages of vintage magazines, such as Picturegoer, Rolling Stones and Post Review! We'll journey back to the last century, experimenting with patterns and textures.. creating weird and wonderful is encouraged! 


We will combine objects and models from vintage magazines, to create our own peculiar and surreal characters. The process of cutting and re-combining photographs is this way, is know as Photomontage.


Workshop includes: Cotton rag paper, vintage papers + magazines to explore, a selection of paper shapes and photos, acrylic painting, mark making with a range of media. inc. Acrylic markers, oil pastels, pencils, charcoal.

All materials are included

*However we recommend bringing your own scissors - embroidery scissors work well.

*If you have any photos or postcards that inspire you or you'd like to use in your collage - please bring them along.

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