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Beginners + Intermediate level Adult Art class

Painting Plants
Still-Life in Oils course

Wednesday Afternoon Adult 18+yrs | 12:30 - 14:30
Summer Term 10 week course
 - 17th April - 26th June *ex. 29th May

£330 20% VAT inc. all materials included 
*£35 20% VAT inc. Drop in classes

*We offer drop in sessions for the first 3 weeks of the painting course. Please only book drop in sessions after 31st January, if you are wanting to work on your own project / have attended this course previously. Please contact us if you have any questions.
About the Course

Welcome to our 10 week Drawing and Painting beautiful Botanics. Learn to draw and paint using oils on canvas. We will be focussing on the natural palettes of plants and learn colour mixing, tonal values and paint application. Focus on understanding colour and composition through observational still-life set ups and through use of photos. Students may also work on their own painting projects and ideas under the guidance of Sarah Riddick and Sarah Teare.

We will learn
- How to observe and draw still life. Learning techniques to measure height, composition, perspective, negative space.
- How to mix in oils and created beautiful botanic colour palettes
- How to paint using oils.
- How to build layers using oil paint.

Over the 10 weeks course you will

Observe and draw from life.
- Measure height, composition, negative space and volume in shadows.
- Mixing natural colour palettes.
- Understanding colour using oil paint.
- Paint composition using natural forms: main focus will be plants.
- Understand building up layers and creating volume with colour.
- B
uilding confidence in painting skills, exploring different ways to paint: impasto and quick, impressionist application.
- Complete final painting.
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