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Beginners + Intermediate level Art class

Still Life Painting course

Friday Afternoon Adult 18+yrs | 12:30 - 14:30
Summer Term 10 week course: 19th April - 28th June 2024 *ex. 28th May
Autumn Term 12 week course: 10th September - 3rd December 2024 
*ex. 28th May

£396 20% VAT inc. all materials included 
£35 20% VAT inc. Drop in classes 

Late enrolment welcome
About the Course

Explore the wonder of painting the Still Life with Sophie Newnham. Working with oils over the 12 week course we will be learning a range of techniques to get the best out of this beautiful medium. Suitable for beginners and beyond. Taking inspiration from the wonderful Still-Life and Landscapes of Giorgio Morandi.

We will learn

- Drawing with the line, marking out flat shapes, bottles, pots, natural objects


- looking at heights, widths, and how one object relates to the next.


- Shading, tuning the eye into tonal differences. Where does the light come from? Learning about negative space, where to plot objects. Vertical spacing vs horizontal.


- Everyday objects will be our inspiration. ​


- Preparing the canvas and mixing the palette. 

- Painting in thinner tonal layers of colour, fat over lean. We will cover how to strengthen tonal gradients and create volume through shadow and light. Mixing a monochromatic palette.


- Composition- learning how to plan out, measure and place several objects within a space. Measuring angles, heights, widths and understanding negative space.


- Understanding colour theory and mixing the palette from marking out with thin layers to adding thicker layers of rich buttery oils.

-  Gain confidence with colour application. 

- Building up colour through impasto application. Learning how to create depth and definition with oils.


- Fine-tuning and balancing out our paintings, looking at background vs foreground. How can we create highlights and add depth. Creating an overall balance to each composition.

- creating a series of paintings from several compositions over the weeks.

Over the 12 week course you will

- Fine tune colour mixing paint on a palette.
- Understand composition, scales and proportion when drawing and painting.
- Gain confidence with tones and highlights and observing angles.
- Create a series of paintings in oils.
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