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Spring Term Week 2 Highlights

This week at Mini Picassos we have been appreciating the wonderful artists of Britain, from Thomas Gainsborough to Terry Frost. As well as continuing the wonderful work inspired by Modigliani.


Modigliani Sculptures

Following on from last weeks charcoal studies of Modigliani our 8-11 year Academics have been busy recreating their drawings into a 3D form, using air-dry clay. The beauty of this clay is it doesn't need to be put into a kiln and is a very versatile material.


Toddlers does Frost

This week at our Toddler classes, we have looked at abstract artist Sir Terry Frost. Each piece was full of vivid colours, shapes and collage. The beauty of these creations is each one is unique to the other!

Coming up next week for our toddler main project, we are looking at Modigliani's Portrait of Jeanne Hébuterne, with collage and painting.


Our trip of the week

Tate Modern General Collection

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