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Laura paints Leicester! Our designer + office manager has been busy.

We wanted to give our Designer and Office Manager Laura a shout out! Leicester based Artist was commissioned to create two big public art projects. Painting a GIANT 2.5m rocket for Rocket Round Leicester, to raise money for Loros Hospice. As well as heading to The Tree and creating a dreamy mural, which you'll find nestled in their garden. Scroll down to see some photos of her most recent creations.

Laura joined us as a volunteer while she studied Illustration & Visual communication at University of Westminster back in 2016. With a strong passion for all creative arts she has always been an aspired to be an Artist. Since moving to Leicester in 2019, she has worked from home with us, to keep our website and social media updated, answer emails and organise bookings. This year she has also been busy living the dream as an artist, selling her mystical digital art as bespoke Giclée prints, this venture has grown over lockdown, and you can now find her work on sites such as FY! and Ankorstore as well as her own Etsy shop.

The Natural World has always been a source of inspiration to Laura, and her work is predominantly based on our connections with it. Considering what nurtures and grounds us. In a fast developing, heavily technology-based world we find ourselves living in, it is easy to become disconnected to the beauty that surrounds us.

In a cosmic palette full of layers Laura creates digital artwork turning them into beautiful fine art quality printed products, working at her home studio based in Leicester.

Laura was interviewed at the end of last year by Eye on Leicester, if you'd like to learn more about her journey and process, you can read about it more here.

Rocket Round Leicester

rocket round leicester, mini picassos


Art on Tap - The Tree Leicester


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