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Yukako Shibata Private View

To continue the success of Sarah Riddicks Gallery, the work of Yukako Shibata can be seen on the walls of Mini Picassos. Originally from Japan, Yukako has been living and creating beautiful artworks in London for many years while completing her painting MA at RCA. We would like to say a big thank you to all who attended the Private View and a very, very smart Charles became Yukako's youngest Art Collector!

If you missed the PV, it can still be seen and enjoyed at Mini Picassos right now!

'I explore the subliminal colours of both the natural and man-made world and question the complex interplay of light, atmosphere and the way in which we perceive these things. Finding beauty in all things mundane interests me, and it is these moments of reverie that are embodied in the work.'

Highlights of the Show

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