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October Highlights

October has been a busy month at Mini Picassos, our toddlers have been busy creating masterpieces inspired by fabulous artists, such as William Blake. Our Art Aptitude classes have help students gain confidence in the world of creativity and we have seen 4 of our Mini Picasso students in the top 70 of 600 students for the Art Aptitude test, a big congratulations to Congratulations to Samuel Rattley, Ella Levy, Libby Mackinson and Robert McEwen! Not forgetting the spooky Halloween Workshops that took place all last week. Here are the highlights...

Hockney's all round!

Our Academic classes have been looking at the work of Pop Artist David Hockney to create these beautifully vibrant cacti, working with acrylic paint to create such bold colours. They are wonderful! The 8-11 Fine Art class has also been exploring the world of the vibrant David Hockney, with his famous garden scenes, again using acrylic paints they have challenged themselves to observing 'Garden 2015' while working on colour mixing, they have created vibrant masterpieces!


Toddler Drop - In Classes


Get creative at our Adult Classes

This Autumn term we have organised many more classes for Adults, to let your creativity run wild! We are well underway with out 10 week course for beginners, taught but Derek Ogbourne. As well as the wonderful 3 week course of Painting the portrait using oil paints. Coming up in November, you will get the chance to create a wonderful Christmas Card using the process of Lino Printing... we can't wait, you can book today!


Halloween Workshops

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