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Welcome Back! Summer here we come!

A big welcome back, after a crazy week of amazing workshops! we kicked of the new term looking at Hosukai's wave, Monet, Warhol and Matisse! It has been a very busy week, here are all the highlights...


Toddlers create Hosukai's Wave

This week our toddler classes have been looking at the work of Hosukai, working with mixing colours, and using bold brush strokes to show the movement of the waves! Kung Fu panda made an appearance in our masterpieces, riding the waves.

We didn't forget Queenie's Birthday at our cut and stick table, coming up this week we will be creating beautiful Father's Day cards!


4 - 6 yrs and Marvellous Matisse

Taking a mixed media approach our 4 - 6 year classes have been exploring a pastel colour palette, to

recreate The Goldfish, 1912 painting by Henri Matisse, aren't they beautiful!


New Techniques with Scholarship Classes

This week the Scholarship classes have continues working with lino cut, we are super excited to see them printed! Want to see the process of lino cutting? Check out this video!


Oil Pastels and Monet with the Academics

Our Academic classes have been looking at Claude Monet's Branch of bearing Orange Fruit, 1884,

challenged with using oil pastels, working with blending, composition and shades, they are beautifully


Monet & Architecture Exhibition is not to be missed!

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