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Adult classes this Summer term

Summer term is fast approaching and we are excited to announce and fabulous variety of art classes.

Join us in our bright and airy studio, we offer pop up classes, drop in sessions and weekly term courses. All our classes welcome beginners, you will develop in confidence and learn new skills. For intermediate levels we will inspire new ways of working and fresh perspectives.

Find below all our up and coming classes from April, we hope to see you at the studio. Contact us at with any questions. We offer trials sessions for all our courses.

Cezanne, adult art classes. London. Mini Picassos


Mondays | Free - style Painting + Drawing classes 10 week course - 18+yrs

This Summer term we will be opening our studio on Mondays. Come by with your own project ideas, or we will discuss and set one for you. There will be a range of mixed media available in each session and Sarah will be there to assist and teach applying paint, colour mixing, composition, understanding tone and learning painting techniques.

This 10 week course is suitable for beginners.

It's a great chance to dedicate time in your week for your creative endeavours.


Tuesdays | Life Drawing weekly classes - 16+yrs

Explore drawing the nude, we have a wonderful selection of male and female models. Don't worry if you are an absolute beginner or a longstanding expert, you can lose yourself for a couple of hours in life drawing. The session usually starts with quick warm up poses, then onto a longer pose for the rest of the evening. Tuition offered or you may wish to do your own thing.


Wednesdays | Paint the Portrait 10 week course - 18+yrs

The course will be made up of lots of drawing and painting techniques. We will work with a live model for 2 weeks and then work from photos, while developing our painted portrait. We will be learning about watercolour and oil paints and using large easels, in a bright and airy room.


Thursdays | Crochet corner, Dotty by design creative classes and more!

Drop in sessions - 18+yrs

Crochet + Knitting corner - our classes are very relaxed, have a natter while you work on a project. Learn the art of crochet or knitting or both. Complete beginners very welcome!

Dotty By Design classes - Claire from Dotty by Design offers fantastic creative workshops. Discover the art of Kintsugi, create your own beautiful organic soap. Print and create your own Bees wax wraps and more.

Laura Pee Collage workshops - We are excited to welcome Laura back for another beautiful collage workshop. Join us Thursday 23rd March for her next masterclass.


Fridays | Paint with Watercolours 10 week course - 18+yrs

Explore the wonder of watercolour painting with Sophie Newnham. Watercolour is a wonderful medium whether adding a wash of colour to a drawing, layering it up as a way of creating new colours and shades or as a way to create delicate textures and form. This medium has a subtlety and translucency to it as well as leaving an unexpected element of surprise through drying.

Over the weeks, we will be looking at a handful of artists who have found new ways for it to be used, embracing the unexpected nature of watercolour.



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